Paver Sealing Tampa FL

Are Your Pavers Looking Dull, Moldy or Weeds Growing Through?

We Can Help! Tampa Pressure Washing offers Seal N Lock paver sealing solutions, the most advanced paver sealing system in the hardscapes industry. This system features the exclusive “All-In-A-Day” feature which allows us to complete most paver sealing jobs the same day.

That’s right, no waiting several days and no inconveniences from having to keep off your pavers over that period. By using Seal N Lock as our official Sealer provider we are able to do all of this in just 1 Day (larger jobs may require additional days):

Paver Cleaning: We will thoroughly clean the pavers of all contaminants, stains that can be removed, discoloration  as well as blasting out old sand that no longer are effective in stabilization. This is very important since once the paver is sealed it will be unable to remove any of this

Weed Growth Containment: We can place a “Flood Coat” of algecide chemical that helps kill & inhibit the growth of weeds, grass & other unwanted plants growing through the cracks of your brick pavers.

Wet Sanding Pavers: This step allows us to use a Silica sand that is very ideal for this process. Silica sand has many of the nutrients removed that are found in many other sands that some sealer applications use however the nutrients in this case are not advised as they can help promote the growth of plant life (weeds, grass etc). Also, wet sanding helps the sand build up and pack down into the cracks which creates the most ideal stabilization system for your brick pavers.

Paver Sealer Application: Once we have fully gone through all steps above & carefully inspected the entire area inch by inch, then we are ready to apply the sealer. One key feature of the Seal N Lock product is that the pavers can actually be damp (actually recommended) when the sealer is applied. This is where traditional applications could get tricky. Many sealers require the pavers to be dry for 24 hours or so before applying. As you know here in Tampa that could get very difficult to find times where we know it won’t rain for at least 24 hours (impossible in our rain season).


You can be enjoying your new beautiful-look pavers the next day. You can even drive on them (on a brick paver driveway for example) after 24 hours of dry & set time. Here are the benefits to sealing your pavers using Seal N Lock sealer and Tampa Pressure Washing as your official applicator:

  • No Weeds Or Grass Growing Through The Cracks
  • No More Dull Pavers – Get a New Wet, Shiny Look
  • Protect Your Investment – Proper Maintenance for long, long lasting pavers
  • Reduce & Eliminate Mold, Mildew & Algae
  • Increase Curb Appeal – Our Sealed Pavers make a huge difference
  • Increase Resale Value – Selling? Seal Your Pavers For Higher Prices