We are fully insured to cover almost any amount of damages. If your property is of very high value we can up our insurance requirements for the job is we both agree it is necessary. Here is a copy of our insurance info. Some info not shown due to sensitive info but this shows all the coverages, the name of the company (agent & insurer) plus contact info. You are welcome to call them and confirm the policy.


Evidence of Insurance (for Customers)


FYI, there is no contractors license for Pressure Washing and the State of Florida does not require this industry to be licensed or obtain an occupational license. Now, we are 100% honest – if you have a company that is saying they are licensed you owe it to yourself to verify that. You can go to this page and put their business name in and see if they are telling you the truth or not. But, we already know the answer because we have already checked ourselves (because we see companies flaunting that they are licensed and it bugs us because they are being untruthful). There is only 1 business in the entire State of Florida with the words “Pressure Washing” that has a license currently active (see screenshot)and it’s because that company does home repairs and pressure cleaning, the home repair side most likely requiring a license.

Therefore, we can assure you that everyone associated with Tampa Pressure Washing has passed background checks and has properly been trained. Our insurance protects you from anyone getting hurt or damages to your property etc. But if any company is telling you they are licensed, ask them for their license number. If they truly DON’T hold a contractors license, you will probably get a response like this: “Oh yeah, we don’t hold a contractors license because it is not required in our industry but our business has been properly registered with the State and/or County” or they will say they will call you back with that and then never call you back (trust us, we already tested this out). Just filing a business name is not classified as being “Licensed”. And if they are using an Occupational license to say they’re licensed it’s still a little jaded because in the home maintenance / home improvement marketplace usually Licensing means holding a contractors license so they are mis-using the word “License” to make them look better.  They are being somewhat untruthful so they can make you feel comfortable with hiring them. Well, we at Tampa Pressure Washing feel that honesty is the best policy.

So, if you still want to go with another company “Claiming” to be licensed and they are not then just be prepared to find out what other things they are not 100% honest about because they want you to feel good about the job. If the Pressure Washing company does by chance do construction type work along with Pressure cleaning then they may very well hold an active license. But check first – we don’t recommend doing business with any company who has been the least bit untruthful with you in the beginning and you owe it to yourself to know the truth.



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