Fence Cleaning

We can clean any type of fences and renew them to their near original condition. Most fences are place in very conspicuous places and tend to attract debris, dirt, mold, algae & other contaminants. A pressure washing service is the perfect remedy for cleaning Fences. We can use a special solution to help deter future collection of contaminants & debris. Check out a great example below of what your Fence can look like after a good cleaning.

We Can Clean These Types Of Fences:

– PVC Fences

– Vinyl Fences

– Wood Fences

– Aluminum Fences

– Wrought Iron Fences

– and more…


 Left side has been cleaned, right side not



Fence once fully cleaned & dried


This is just one example of how Pressure Washing is the best way to properly clean a fence. This PVC nylon fence belongs to a small gated housing community in Pinellas Park. As you can see from the first picture, mold mildew, dirt & debris buildup is common for fences. A regular fence cleaning from a professional power washing company can be exactly what you need to keep your fence looking new.