Do It Yourself Costs

Consider the costs and risks of doing it yourself:

Do It Yourself Costs (using Home Depot rental) 600W

It may cost you almost as much if not more than having a professional do it. Plus, there are risks involved and you will be doing the hard work yourself. Pressure washing is actually much more work than people think and always takes longer than someone expects. A lot of our customers tried doing the job themselves and decided to have someone else do it once they got started.

There are a lot of variables that go into doing the work that can really make a job go wrong. Things like knowing the right pressure tip to use for the object you are cleaning. You want enough pressure to clean it thoroughly yet too much pressure could really damage your surface. For example, you can clean bare concrete with a very high pressure with no damage but if your concrete is painted with say acrylic paint, that same high pressure could tear up all the paint then you will have to get it re-finished. That is not cheap.

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Another reason you would want to avoid doing it yourself and hire a professional is you may not be able to do the job right without having additional tools and equipment. Example: If you are cleaning your pool area and want to clean your pool enclosure (most people that have pool homes neglect the enclosure resulting in algae, mold & other contaminant buildup), just the pressure washing machine will not cut it. You will need an telescopic extension tool ┬áto reach high ares which are not included when you rent a machine (in fact, most places don’t even offer it as a rental).

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The only homeowner that chooses to do this type of job them self most likely simply enjoys doing the work. If that is the case, we still don’t recommend it because if something goes wrong you most likely will not be protected by your homeowners policy. If you do enjoy this that is fine, some people do like to do this kind of stuff and be in control of work done on their home. We understand this and definitely don’t blame people for wanting to do that. However, if you are doing it t save money or to avoid a company you may not trust working on your home, realize that Tampa Pressure Washing will do a great job, will be insured to cover against damages, will be friendly & courteous and will stand behind it’s work 100%.

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